Posted by: jculture | December 11, 2007



Kagami-mochi is two rice cakes and put a mandarin on top of the rice cake.

 At New Year, we display it in the room.

 In Japan, there is the old belief that at New Year Gods come home, so Kagami-mochi is an offering for the Gods.

However recently we put it as a decoration of New Year.

If you want to know more about Kagami-mochi, please click here.



  1. Hi Tomoko,

    I heard that many Japanese people eat these after they have been displayed for a week or two. Do you usually eat the kagami-mochi that is displayed in your house?
    See ya,

  2. Hi Nigel,
    In Japan, we have an event, called Kagamibiraki.
    After that event we usually eat the kagami-mochi.
    See ya,

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